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Maclean's Cover (November 15, 1938) E-mail
Written by Michael LeBlanc   
Maclean's Cover

In 1938 Eric was added to the stable of illustrators for Maclean’s Magazine, billed as “Canada’s National Magazine” and published weekly in Toronto. For two years this arrangement provided him with a steady stream of illustration work, from providing visual colour for articles and fictional stories, to the prestigious covers. This was a ‘golden age’ for illustration: during this period Maclean’s covers featured graphics, not photographs, almost exclusively. Add a comment


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DRESS: if possible dress like an Indian with moccasins and hunting knife so that a fine figure is cut in the canoe. (or for that matter even the canoe) Besides it is interesting to real Indians who always wear Carhartt Overalls, golf caps or fedoras, galoshes and race around in dirty old punts with outboard motors.

-Eric Aldwinckle, on camping